"this reminded me of you" is the cutest thing. like i dont care if its a song or a photo or a youtube video i will be excited


Who the fuck named the Sahara Desert anyway

Sahara is just the Arabic word for “deserts”

You fucking named it the Desert Desert

way to fucking go


taking a picture and not knowing the flash is on


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follow my blog, it’s gluten free


follow my blog, it’s gluten free


i wonder if anyone has ever peed in the olympic pool


when you look cute in a snapchat and they don’t reply image


i’ve just read two chapters of a medicine university textbook in order to delay doing my geography 

I remember on my 4th grade field trip my class was standing on a hill and my teacher said “lets roll out” and I was like oh ok so I stared rolling down the hill and I had to hold my teachers hand for the rest of the day


i’m gonna start saying “i robb stark’d it” whenever i should have listened to my mother but didn’t